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Lawyer for Physicians, Medical Corporations and Group Medical Practices

By Matt Dickstein


In this suite of articles, I explain the basic corporate, business and contract law issues for medical corporations and group medical practices in California.  The articles in this suite are:


Overview     ◄You are here
Should you incorporate your medical practice?
Legal compliance checklist for a medical corporation
Regulatory compliance for medical practices
Classifying a physician as employee or contractor
Physician employment and independent contractor agreements
Stark and Anti-Kickback laws re physician employment and contractor agreements
Termination clauses in physician employment and contractor agreements
Compensation structures for a group medical practice
Stark and Anti-Kickback laws regarding the compensation structure of a group medical practice
Shareholder buy-sell agreements for medical corporations
May a physician compete against his or her former practice?
Stealing employees
Bringing a new physician into a medical practice
Buy-in and buy-out of physicians to a medical group
Physician recruitment agreements
Professional service agreements for hospital-based physicians
Buying and selling a medical practice
Preparing to sell your solo medical practice
Merging medical practices
Leases for medical offices
How a non-licensed person works with a medical practice; administrative / management service companies
Leaving a medical practice / closing a medical practice

I talk about medical corporations from beginning to end, that is from forming or buying the medical practice to leaving, closing or selling the medical practice.  Along the way, I discuss some basic contracts for a medical corporation, including physician employment agreements, physician independent contractor agreements, shareholder buy-sell agreements, and physician exit / severance agreements.  I explain how to bring a new physician into a practice and how non-competition clauses work when the physician leaves the practice. 

Also, I apply the referral laws (Stark and Anti-Kickback) to these corporate and business law issues.

Without further ado, please go to the next article, Should you incorporate your medical practice?  Good luck.

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