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By Matt Dickstein

I have been a business / corporate attorney since 1994.  I work with domestic and international businesses of all sizes and types.  

Philosophy on Legal Fees:

For most business transactions, I charge flat fees.  This helps you budget your legal costs and avoid surprises.  I have done most deals many times and this helps me predict the likely cost.  Further, I try to fit the legal services to the size and complexity of the transaction. It makes no sense to treat a small business purchase like a multi-million dollar deal, because a small deal cannot support the legal fees of a big deal. Conversely, bigger, more complex deals need more legal work. The trick is to know what is really important in a deal. Experience helps, because it helps me tell you what legal services you absolutely need and conversely, what services you can take a calculated risk and forego (hence not pay for). Clients are always grateful for this kind of straight-talk. 

For more information, try this article -- Maximizing Your Legal Dollars.

Typical Business / Corporate Transactions:

  1. Corporations & LLCs. I do formation and incorporation of entities, including LLCs, S and C corporations, professional corporations, close corporations and Delaware Series LLCs. Check out these articles:
  1. Professional Practices.  I work with professional practices, including medical, dental, chiropractic, veterinary and accountancy corporations. See my page Lawyer for Professional Practices.

  2. Shareholders & Partners.  I handle shareholder and partner relationships, including shareholder (buy-sell) agreements, LLC operating agreements, partnership agreements, and the structuring of joint ventures (including syndicates). If you're interested, read these articles:
  1. Stock Option Plans.  I do stock option plans. Try this 7 Article Series on Stock Option Plans, Restricted Stock, Phantom Stock and Other Incentive Plans for Closely Held Businesses:
  1. Buying & Selling a Business.  I handle the sale of your business, or your purchase of a new business. Try these articles:
  1. Exit & Succession Planning.  I do exit & succession planning.  Exit planning is all about transitioning a business from the original owners to second generation family or management, or to an outside buyer.  My goal is to get you out of your business with maximum payoff, maximum security and minimum taxes.  If this topic interests you, try these articles:
  1. Competition and Customer Lists.  I protect customer lists from theft by competitors (including former employees). Try these articles:
  1. Franchise Law.  See my page, Franchise Lawyer.  In addition, I help clients structure their business systems to comply with law -- check out What's the Difference between a Franchise and --  Seller Assisted Marketing Plans, Business Opportunities, Multilevel Marketing, Salespersons, Licenses, Distributorships?

  2. Securities Law.  I was a securities lawyer for many years, but I no longer represent companies in their offerings of securities.  I keep my prior articles on securities law available on my website, but I do not check whether they are current anymore, and I do not vouch for the accuracy of the articles.  Feel free to read my articles at Securities Lawyer, but please consult with a practicing securities attorney before taking any action.

  3. And More.  I handle other business and corporate work, for example:

Thank you.

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