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Lawyer for Real Estate Investors

By Matt Dickstein

I help real estate investors with your corporate matters, evictions (unlawful detainers), purchase & sale of real estate and commercial leases.  I also run my own real estate investment fund -- I and a partner run Magnolia Foreclosures, which pools investor money to purchase properties in foreclosure. 

I do the following work for real estate investors:

Here are some more articles I've written for real estate investors.  I'll try to add more articles when I have a little time.

Structuring Real Estate Joint Ventures

Foreclosure Evictions / Unlawful Detainers

Understanding Commercial Leases

Commercial Lease Terms - Advanced

Common Area Maintenance (CAM) in a Commercial Lease.

Leases for Medical and Dental Offices

Title Insurance in Real Estate Purchases

Strategies for Negotiating a Construction Contract

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