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Securities Law

By Matt Dickstein

IMPORTANT NOTE -- I was a securities lawyer for many years, but I no longer represent companies in their offerings of securities.  I keep my prior articles on securities law available here, but I do not check whether they are current anymore, and I do not vouch for the accuracy of the articles.  Please consult with a practicing securities attorney before taking any action.

You might be interested in these articles that I have written:

Introduction to Private Offerings and Private Placements of Securities

Introduction to Federal Securities Exemptions

Introduction to Federal Regulation D

How to Find and Solicit Investors for a Private Offering of Securities

How a Management Company, General Partner or Broker Uses General Advertisements and Solicitations to Get Investors

Resale of Restricted Securities

When is a Promissory Note a Security?

4 Article Series -- Brokers and Finders in Securities Laws

1. Overview
2. Who is a Broker? – Definition
3. Broker Law for Employees and Directors Who Sell Your Stock
4. Finders

6 Article Series -- Private Real Estate Investment Funds

1. Overview
2. Legal Structure of the Fund
3. Manager Compensation
4. Side Letters and Preferential Terms
5. Securities Law

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