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Matt Dickstein

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Franchise Attorney

Helping Existing Franchisors

By Matt Dickstein

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Franchisors have a large amount of ongoing legal compliance. The compliance work never ends, for example:

    • Updates and improvements to your UFDD / UFOC and Franchise Agreement, whether legally required or resulting from natural development of the franchise system.
    • Negotiated changes and other amendments to your franchise documents.
    • State registrations.
    • Renewals to state registrations.
    • Filing franchise advertisements.
    • Renewals for existing franchisees.
    • Problems with franchisees, including defaults, terminations, non-renewals, encroachment, enforcing system standards and more.
    • Improvements to your operations manual.
    • Maintaining complete and accurate records, including registrations and franchisee files, with all relevant state filings and contracts fully accounted for.
    • Terminating or not renewing franchises.

If you want to read more on ongoing legal compliance and housekeeping, please see my article Setting Up an Ongoing Franchise Compliance and Housekeeping System.

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I help you with all of these matters and other ongoing legal compliance. If you want to out-source your compliance and housekeeping work, I provide an “in-house counsel” service. With this service I provide compliance and housekeeping work on an annual subscription model (below).

I also help with your general legal needs, for example, trademarks, corporate / LLC structures, partner / shareholder issues, business purchases or sales and more. In addition, because I practice securities laws, I help franchisors with the capital financing of your franchise systems. This work includes private offerings of stock in the franchisor corporation to investors to raise capital for the franchise system expansion.