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Matt Dickstein

Business Attorney

Making legal matters easy and economical for your business.

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Franchise Attorney

Helping Franchisees

By Matt Dickstein

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I help franchisees, including new franchisees and experienced multi-unit developers and master franchisees.

I help franchisees with counseling on whether purchasing a franchise is right for you, your purchase, termination and renewal of franchises, review and comment to the franchise package (including the franchise agreement and the franchise disclosure document / FDD), buying and selling of operating franchises, etc. I also help with your general legal needs, for example, formation of your corporation / LLC, review and negotiation of your real property lease, partner / shareholder issues, employment issues and more. At the end of the franchise, I help you leave the franchise system with minimal damages.

For a legal compliance checklist when buying your franchise and setting up your business, see Legal Compliance Checklist for a Startup Franchisee.

If you want help understanding the franchise disclosure document (FDD) that your franchisor has given you, see my article The Franchise Disclosure Document.

For more information on disputes with your franchisor, see my articles:

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Please remember that buying a franchise is a serious and long-term commitment. You will sign binding contracts, for example, the franchise agreement, a personal guaranty and a real property lease. If things don’t turn out as planned, you can’t just walk away. For this reason I highly recommend that you get the advice of a business attorney with franchise experience before buying into a franchise system.

A final note about franchise brokers: Franchise brokers help franchisors (that is, the sellers of the franchise) find franchisees (who are the buyers of the franchise). Brokers work for the franchisors and are paid by them. Brokers maintain relationships with certain franchisors and they might steer you to their favorite franchisors. Franchise brokers can be very helpful, but you should remember that their interests align with the franchisors.