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Business Attorney

Making legal matters easy and economical for your business.

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Matt Dickstein

Business Attorney

Making legal matters easy and economical for your business.

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Franchise Attorney

Helping Start-up Franchisors

By Matt Dickstein

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I help franchisors in launching your new franchise systems. I help you decide whether or not a franchise system is a good way to develop your business, including from a cost / benefit perspective. If franchising seems right for you, we will set up your new franchise system. My work will include the preparation of your legal documents including your Uniform Franchise Disclosure Document (commonly called the UFDD or UFOC) and Franchise Agreement, your franchise registrations and your other legal compliance work.

If you are interested in the basics of franchising, please read my articles Should I Franchise My Business? and How to Start a Franchise System. Start with the first article, Should I Franchise My Business, and if you are still interested in franchising, move on to How to Start a Franchise System.

For help with your franchise disclosure document (FDD), see my article The Franchise Disclosure Document.

For an overview of registering your franchise in CA, see California Franchise Registration.

As for the timetable for roll out of your franchise offering, we can have your UFDD / UFOC and Franchise Agreement ready in less than a month (assuming that you respond quickly and thoroughly to my requests for information). Once the franchise documents are ready, you can begin selling franchises in non-registration states. For states that require registration, add on another 2-6 weeks for filing, depending on the state.

In addition to franchise matters, I help franchisors with your general legal needs, including trademarks, corporate / LLC structures, partner / shareholder issues, business purchases or sales and more. In addition, because I practice securities laws, I help franchisors with the capital financing of your franchise systems. This work includes private offerings of stock in the franchisor corporation to investors to raise capital for the franchise system launch and expansion.

Legal Fees. I offer a flat-fee arrangement for the preparation of your UFOC, Franchise Agreement and other franchise documents. My fees for a basic franchise package consisting of a UFOC plus Franchise Agreement range from $35,000 to $40,000, depending on the complexity involved.